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Public Trust For democracy to succeed in Africa, there must be a change in the culture to one that accepts and gives primacy to the public trust principle. It has to be the primary issue at stake when electing people to political office and in general when evaluating the performance of politicians. Perhaps, this is reflected in the election results when Nigerians said they had voted for change by throwing out the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in favor of the All Progressives Congress in the recent federal electoral polls. It is clear across the world that there is a significant correlation between the social wellbeing of the people and public trust. In this connection, 1-which of the following African countries ranks in the top ten in the world in public trust? 1- Ghana 2- Botswana 3- Mauritius and 4- Rwanda? 2-Which of the following countries ranks the highest in public trust in Europe? 1- Norway 2- Germany 3- Switzerland and 4- the United Kingdom? ANSWERS 1-Rwanda, is the African country that according to the World Economic Forum's World Competitiveness Report of 2015 ranked number 10 in the world in the trust that the people have in the ethical standards of its politicians. 2-Norway is the European country with the highest level of public trust.


Posted: Jun 10th, 2015 @ 02:35:50 AM