gvA Update

A disproportionate share of the world's civil wars are in Africa, causing the continent to acquire the reputation as a hotbed of violence and war. But is it really? I think Africa has some issues with conflict, but the level of conflict on the continent is certainly declining and gaining speed in development. Have a thought. I think it is possible that the divide and rule colonization strategies of the Europeans created a principle of differentiation and exclusion which became adopted upon independence by the ruling tribes of Africa. In my view, it is sharp that this is the grand origin of much of the conflict and violence in Africa that buffeted Africa. Clearly, open interstate wars are rare in Africa, as independent African countries have mostly accepted and respected the partitioning handed to them at independence. However, civil strife among tribes angling and competing for political power and economic dominance has become the primary type of conflict in Africa. In places where it has happened, these seemingly continued policy of differentiation and exclusion has often caused alienation and suspicion among the tribes, leading competing political actors to seek to use nepotism and corrupt means to perpetuate themselves in office. Because of this, incompetence arises and economic decline occurs, leading to even more suspicion and alienation. As a result of this vicious cycle, some states find themselves unable to perform their basic functions of providing security, basic services in education and health, and infrastructure development. Under these unfortunate circumstances, even extremely small and poorly-organized rebel groups can survive and thrive, where it would otherwise be impossible. Indeed, in some situations, governments become so weak and incompetent that the military actually implodes while trying to fight rebel groups. This is what has often resulted in "failed states," where the government has actually collapsed and the state armed forces are replaced by rival militias equipped with by the plundered arsenals belonging to the nation. This was the case in Liberia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Congo-Brazzaville, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I will have more to say on this, but fortunately, Africa is rising and many of the conflicts are subsiding. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Jun 5th, 2015 @ 03:36:04 AM