gvA Update

A Quick Look at Xenophobia I thought it was not long ago that we were all united, and with the help of Shakira to say to the world that it is time for Africa Sadly, xenophobia appears to be killing that spirit of African unity in South Africa. Xenophobia is among the greatest contemporary challenges to the protection of innocent immigrants in countries facing serious economic and social challenges. The current unfortunate violent attacks against foreign nationals in South Africa are among the most striking contemporary manifestations of this problem. Why is this happening? Certainly an underlying reason is the apparent collapse of simple moral values among certain segments of society in the affected areas and neighborhoods. If you ask the perpetrators, they will claim that these innocent foreign nationals are taking their jobs and businesses and ripping the people off, never minding that the immigrants are often business men and women who can help in job creation and other useful economic activities, to help mitigate any joblessness. However the real reason is that in many of these communities, chronic and grievous unemployment due to policy failure has created a culture of despondency, leading to displaced aggression. Displaced aggression occurs when a person who is initially provoked cannot retaliate directly against the source of that provocation and, therefore instead, attacks a weaker innocent target. Transformational community sensitization and well publicized adequate punishment are needed in communities like this to reduce the supply of xenophobic activities and prevent these senseless attacks even when economic conditions have turned extremely harsh. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: May 5th, 2015 @ 07:12:53 AM