gvA Update

Our Hidden Economics For You...WHY VOTE? So there is an election coming up and millions of people are going to vote to decide who wins. They are going to vote because the candidates are all claiming that they will take care of the society. The song "We take care of our own" by Bruce Springsteen was used by President Barack Obama as a theme song at many of his political rallies during the 2012 US presidential election campaigns to cause people to vote for him. So now, about why you should or should not vote? Check this out! You only cast one vote, that is, your own vote. Considering the nature of most elections, especially those involving very large numbers of people, the marginal significance of your vote is negligible, not worth much. So materially, what do you gain from voting when you can't see, after voting how your vote has affected anything socially or personally? So in this connection there is no real reason for you as an individual to vote, especially when the cost to you is not insignificant. You have to get up in the morning and get prepared and perhaps buy gasoline or pay for transportation to arrive at the polling station. What if you have an accident on the way? what about the foregone value of your time? So matched against any negligible material gain, as we have explained, you really should not vote. But wait a minute! What about the psychic gain to you of exercising your right of citizenship, your so-called franchise? If the sanctity of the ballot is upheld, your vote in your hand is a powerful tool to wave at even the mightiest politician. Why do you think politicians dance, and sometimes ridiculously and shake people's hands at election time? It is only because of that vote in your hand. They are recognizing your power to hire or fire them, even though you have to do this in concert with other people. To the politician, every voter is important at election time. If you don't vote you will never feel that you exercised your supreme power of citizenship. The value far exceeds the cost of voting. Therefore vote and then wait to see what the politician does. You hope he will go by Bruce Springsteen's song, we take care of our own. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Mar 3rd, 2015 @ 02:58:30 AM