gvA Update

In the old days, particularly in the United States and Europe, many of the cities literally formed and grew along or near the railroads. Transportation technology became a very important tool for development, as people could live in villages and commute by rail to jobs in the central cities. Transportation technology is critical for community development in Africa because it provides a ramp for take-off for communities that must be initially dependent on major cities for jobs and income. Organizations like NOTAP are invaluable for building economically competitive communities in Africa. It is my hope that NOTAP and like organizations will receive even stronger support from central and provincial governments to bring research and industry together in order to broaden our technological base and speed economic competitiveness. I see extraordinary opportunities in Nigeria and across Africa in business volumes when we focus on the development of our communities. Already deeper ICT penetration is occurring across Africa, particularly in the bigger economies like Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. Africa will experience monumental economic development when capacity for competitiveness and growth is extended to rural communities, using technological growth and capital accumulation. Inclusive growth will not happen easily without rapid economic growth and development in our communities. I am Magnus Kpakol, and that is my view.


Posted: Jan 20th, 2015 @ 03:50:13 AM