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Why Politicians Switch Parties Politicians in Nigeria are perfecting the art of jumping from one party to the other. People often wonder why they do that. At first glance what it seems is that they are doing it first for personal gain, and perhaps second, for any contribution they believe they can make to society and the nation at large if they have an appropriate platform. However, quite often what they are doing is to breathe, that is to get away from immediate pain and reevaluate the party they may have left. These jumping political personalities want to take a break because they feel so aggrieved and minimized that they see their worth diminished by continued association with the original party. To them at that point the party doesn't seem to care. To them is like the party is asking, what's the matter with you, stop acting crazy, just think of what the party once did for you. Letting it breathe is what hip hop stars like Sean Paul and Blu Cantrell call it. In their hit song breathe, they speak as lovers wanting to separate to reevaluate things. The jumping politician is tired of the internal fighting and bickering. In fact they believe that their leaving will hurt the party, as the party then would realize their real worth. It's time to leave, after all, the party doesn't seem to care anyway. When love hurts. It wonât work. Maybe we need some time alone. We need to let it breathe. So to the jumping politicians, they let it breathe, by taking leave of their party. They pull back and try their hand somewhere else to re-weigh their political and economic value especially in their original party. Sometimes, they go away for good, but mostly they realize their original party like cocoa cola is the real thing. And often the party also realizes that these individuals are key pillars for success in the political economy. The real value of something is best determined when it is no longer available. You don't miss your water until you run out of it. So folks, it is ok to jump from your original political party. Go ahead. Breathe. Re-assess your political and economic worth by going to a new party. More than likely you will be back. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Dec 2nd, 2014 @ 03:25:30 AM