gvA Update

Intangibles for Africa to keep Rising Recently I mentioned that it appears Africa is indeed rising, but slower than before. The great Shakira in her hit song, this time for Africa, confirms it all. As she says we are on the front line and everyone is watching. We are back in the saddle, you know it's serious, we are getting closer. This isn't over. Yes, we believe Africa is rising. Even so, never mind any progress made in terms of economic growth, Africa continues to show the paradox of widespread poverty in the presence of an abundance of human and natural resources. Several factors explain the paradox. First, there no serious attempt to fight poverty. Many of our leaders are so afraid of poverty so much that when they mention the word poverty they appear to talk in hush hush voice. It appears they are saying, don't let poverty hear we are talking about him. So poverty is a him? Yes, I think it is. It has too much muscle and it is serial killer. Focus on fighting it and you will get the right mix of arsenal to use, and it is not handouts or only welfare. In Africa have we declared war on poverty like president Lyndon Johnson did in the United States in just the 1960s. If you don't plan on income security for the people you are not planning on development with inclusive growth. Africa may in fact stop growing when there are more unemployed youth than the rest of the population. Across Africa this group is getting relatively impoverished and resentful and they can react. Talk about trade! How can all these poor people engage in intra-African trade and processing of raw materials? That's the question to answer. Many intangibles, like applicable software development, science and technology development, emotional intelligence and discipline, and organizational skills development can play unbelievable roles, in comparison to just sending our raw materials East and North. Now, knowledge can become the most important raw material, as the value chain in knowledge access and knowledge sharing can be much longer. There is a scandalous absence of ethnic and religious neutrality in politics, because Africa practices a politics based on personalities, their religion and what ethnic group they come from. With all these, can the rise get even slower or can Africa stop rising? Yes, if we don't reduce these hindrances and begin to intensify the development and application of some intangible assets and resources. Number one among these is human capital development. Our boys and girls have to recall the great Mr. T, as he would say. Don't be a fool, stay in school. To curb poverty, much of our capital hidden in the dust of our informal economy would have to be legalized, using our laws and access to capital. Consider this, in Africa women are over represented in the informal market place. Just promote the sale of African fabric for women across Africa and watch how liberating from poverty this can be. To top it, nothing looks more radiant and beautiful than a woman in African fabric and style. So who would put all this together? The African politician and leader, that's who would put it all together. To get the economics right, and keep Africa rising, the politics must be right. Like in a military formation, are the politicians and leaders paying attention, because as Shakira says, it's our time to shine. People are raising their expectations. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Nov 24th, 2014 @ 09:20:10 AM