gvA Update

Business and development indicators........ According to the 2014 Global Status Report on alcohol and health of the World Health Organization (WHO) 3.3 million deaths occurred in 2012 as a result of a harmful use of alcohol. This means that while alcohol can be thought to bring happiness to some people, it is clearly also has been associated with a great amount of unhappiness. In this connection, measured by the amount of pure ethyl alcohol consumed per capita per year by people age 15 and above. 1- Which of the following countries is the heaviest drinking nation in the world 1. Russian Federation, 2. Ukraine 3. Belarus 4. Portugal 2-Which of the following nations is the heaviest drinking nation in Africa? 1. South Africa 2. Kenya 3. Nigeria 4. Uganda. ANSWERS 1-The country with the heaviest alcohol consumption in the world per capita is Belarus at 17.5 litters. 2-In Africa, Nigeria has the highest alcohol consumption rate per capita at 12.28 litters.


Posted: Nov 18th, 2014 @ 02:19:23 AM