gvA Update

Buying and selling Electoral Votes. So should electoral victories in Nigeria now be about who can buy votes instead of who can sell ideas? Perhaps it is okay for politicians to buy votes if we are concluding that the people are all so gullible enough to sell their wellbeing, right to vote and therefore their conscience for a Naira or two. I want to believe and always that in the end the people will typically vote their conscience and what they believe. I also want to believe that Nigerians are as smart as any one not to vote to inflict self injury. After all there have been stories of people who have taken the money and not voted as they may have promised. So what is the real economics in why people sell their votes? Here is why I believe people sell their votes. First, note that Nigerians erroneously claim that delegates are bought in indirect primaries. To me that is not vote buying, that is a type of lobbying. You can take a delegate or groups of them to lunch or dinner. These are often very highly enlightened people. It is difficult to really buy them with the Naira or dollar. However, if the government is sponsoring the lobbying, then it may be improper use of tax payers money. So letâs cut to the chase. Voters are political micro-entrepreneurs. They are concerned mostly about the profit they will get from an election. In most cases, based on past performance and because of political and economic uncertainty they are not sure any of the candidates is likely to keep his or her electoral promise, so why not take this one (this cash) that is right before me. In fact as it has become well known, clever vote sellers can collect money from every candidate. Very funny. So heal the world, because the fuel for vote buying or selling typically comes from poverty and poverty stress. We will soon have a more detailed discussion on this. I believe Nigerians are very familiar with poverty. But poverty stress? This is the stress that relatively more well-off people suffer by being so to speak harassed by poorer relatives. Now, the so-called poverty clock, provided by World Data Lab in Vienna Austria has indicted Nigeria, estimating it as the country with the largest number of poor people in the world. This is not good. We should stop the clock or stop poverty. So, to end vote buying and selling, just heal the land. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Nov 7th, 2018 @ 08:40:15 AM