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Africaâs Love Affair With China Duro, by the great Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known by his stage name Tekno, a Nigerian singer-songwriter, producer, performer and dancer from Ebonyi State. Always singing about love, so let me take some lessons from Tekno. Whoever said love was cheap? If it is cheap then it is not real love. Consumers all over the world know this all too well, everything of good value usually costs more. And people also typically say that nothing good comes easy. So why should good real love be cheap? Like Tekno says, you are my remedy and my melody. Your love to you must be a remedy and a melody. If it is then you will do anything for it. But donât forget, we are talking economics here, so the real cost of having you in a situation of choice is the alternative forgone. That means you must bring me great happiness and more than I would have gotten else where. That ainât easy stuff girl. And so there you have. Donât forget we know that the cost of marriage can include the cost of the contract, the maintenance and possible dissolution. Today we are just looking at the cost of the love affair. So how about the economics of Africaâs love affair with China. Africa must really be the beautiful bride in the eyes of China. Where will China find all these incredible God given natural resources to power its way to the top of the world. The opportunity cost of being a economic lover with Africa is not high. What other resources and region are they giving up to partner with Africa? None. And African leaders, who are trooping to China to get respected and given literally everything they want, who else is calling them around the world to give them goodies without tough conditionalities? No one. So thatâs why you see the intense love between China and Africa. The opportunity cost involved for both sides is very low. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Sep 18th, 2018 @ 04:56:12 AM