gvA Update

Is China the real economic doctor for Africa? So far it appears it is. Chinaâs rise in sub-Saharan Africa may have caught many in the West off guard. Since 2009 it has become Africaâs largest trading partner. Last year China-Africa trade hit $170bn, while US-Africa trade was just $55bn. China has been busy giving billions of dollars in loans to African governmentsâmostly to pay for infrastructure projects, although mostly built by the Chinese themselves. So what does China really want from China. Never mind that analysts think that China mostly wants to secure access to the raw materials it needs to fuel its vast industrial machine, I believe that China is looking for genuine friends as it drives to recover its Silk Road of trade with the world. Like any country, China wants to expand its political and economic coast and therefore is power and reach. To do this China would rather use the love gun rather than the machine gun. Itâs cheaper and easier that way. Africa looks about tired with the conditionalities of the Western powers and appears ready for the Chinese disIn the 1980s and 1990s, Africa sought cure for its many underdevelopment programs during the so-called lost decade. In some places, where the prescription was followed, some countries seemed to come back to life, but they never boomed and flourished like the Asian tigers did when they emerged from underdevelopment. So Chinese have come with their medicine, mostly to support infrastructure development. Maybe the whole thing taken together might work now. Human capital development mostly from the West and infrastructure development driven from China. Maybe this is what Africa needed after all to really take off. So folks, talk to our leaders, donât drop the West for China. Love China and all thy neighbors. I am Magnus Kpakol, and thatâs my view.


Posted: Sep 18th, 2018 @ 04:55:22 AM