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Walk the Walk Economics Fuse ODG, The Ghanaian British entertainer, song writer and performer in the hit song, million pound girl, badder than bad. The girl is badder than bad as she struts her stuff. So if you want to be the great one in anything you do, walk the walk, people will ultimate want you and come looking for you. So donât just talk the talk. It doesnât matter how smooth you can be in talking if they donât see you walk the walk, itâs not going to be long before they move away as you fade away. It turns out that everyone is looking for something or someone thatâ is phenomenal. Why, people want something to look up to. Something that is phenomenal. Something that motivates and elevates. If you donât give good value it will soon be discovered. People who make a lot of money, genuinely of course will tell you that their money comes from adding value. They provide solutions. They cause people to feel happy. All the great billionaires of the world have discovered this. They have become leaders in their own arenas, not by tricking people and taking advantage of them, but by motivating people and elevating people. And when you get to know them personally, you will see that donât just talk, they walk the walk. Remember Muhammed Ali, the Greatest and Probably the best all around heavy weight boxer that ever lived. He would always say, that he was the greatest. Well, all he did was to back it up in the ring. He talked the talk and also walked the walk. As he would put it he floated like a butterfly but stung like a bee. And in the end he was simply phenomenal. He motivated and elevated many young and up and coming boxers of his time. And fans also came to pay their money to see him because he walked the walk. So folks it doesnât really matter your calling or occupation, remember this, by their fruits they will know them. Sooner or later someone will check you out in your walk. If you are a moral leader, the people will soon know. If you are not history will somehow record it, if some how you get slick enough to keep sliding through. The leader that wants to be the best, will be free of vices, moral or otherwise that can pull him or her down. We want these kinds of leaders in government, in business and in our churches and mosques and indeed in all our institutions. The private and social benefits of these guys are enough. Certainly much higher than the costs, private and social. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jun 12th, 2018 @ 04:22:41 AM