gvA Update

As I have said many times, without our societies being properly organized and with good leadership, our institutions and processes will suffer and thereby constrain growth in the private sector where well paying jobs should be created. Today, in Africa, sadly, the best opportunity for making good money seems to be in the government and not in the private sector. As a result many people are expending a lot of energy as they aim to be in governments instead of striving to be wealth creating and job generating entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that Africa faces serious leadership challenges in various arenas. Many have argued that the inability of a major country like Nigeria to convert its wealth and potential into higher incomes and rising shared prosperity is that it probably has had a persistent leadership crisis. Africa needs the leadership to organize our societies and build institutions. It is virtually impossible to be globally competitive with poor leadership. Let us be clear, the most important thing for a leader is to look at how to invest in the people. I believe that moral leadership is about providing adequate investments in people. And that is all the people. And if it has to do with politics or government, this means providing investments for all, whether they voted for you or not and certainly, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or creed. Quite often we miss a very important issue. And this is to examine the ethos of a society from which leaders are to be drawn. If the society is suffering from moral decadence, then surely, any chosen leader is likely to have deficiencies. In this regard, as Dr. John Edidaha has said, we need to pay good attention to sensitizing and educating the population stock as a way of morally refining it preparatory to leadership selection or even election. In the end, of all the resources on earth, the most important is the human resource. It is from our country's human resource stock that we get our leaders. Therefore, to have high quality future leadership, we must ensure that our children are educated and given the right skills for leading and building a productive and resilient society. I am Magnus Kpakol, and that is my view.


Posted: Jun 12th, 2018 @ 04:21:08 AM