gvA Update

Women Power to the Rescue Strong girl, a beautiful and powerful song produced by Godfather Productions for One.Org. Apparently we need to help women to be strong if Africa is indeed to rise sustainably. Too often, women limit themselves by thinking they cannot do. But yes they can. Firstly, what is the main source of oppression for women of Africa and can they rise from it? Now, if women cannot rise, Africa will not rise? For Africa to rise out of poverty, mothers who obviously are women have to be better educated and equipped to make their contribution. To marginalize 50 percent of a society is to demonstrate a pitiful condition of a poor level of civilization and advancement. Africa needs not only technological change but a larger pool of people to accumulate capital and new ideas for economic growth and shared prosperity. So, how do you achieve rapid sustainable inclusive economic growth by keeping or even sometimes lowering the glass ceiling. You donât. Research is showing that the principle of male supremacy is the engine of the oppression of many African women. Unfortunately any male supremacy that reduces or diminishes women in Africa, perversely diminishes Africa and therefore the men of Africa in the wider world. Sometimes, it appears, that women in Africa have been fooled into thinking that they must acquire a certain manhood to compete with the boys. Do they need manhood to come tops in academics, in technology, science or medicine. Did Ellen Sirleaf who just won the Mo Ibrahim award as a meritorious African leader have to change into man to rule Liberia. She completed her term as a strong and very feminine woman. The great Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey and many others have rocked and wowed the world. We need more female political leaders across Africa, and definitely in Nigeria. Our culture has to become more dynamic and updated to accommodate this, so that women can indeed be strong and come to the rescue. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: May 9th, 2018 @ 02:03:49 AM