gvA Update

As I said last time, politicians facing an election can become desperate for two primary reasons. 1. Possible economic and financial returns and 2. Power and stature in society. But Desperate politics is bad for society. It teaches that you can use just about any measure to win an election. I am hoping that what we are seeing in Nigeria today are not signs of desperate 2019 politics. Embarrassing and scurrilous lists of Nigerian looters flying about the media as if to promote national disgrace. The unfortunate embarrassment to the nation and potential hosts to investors underscores the need to beware of possible unintended terrible consequences of desperate politics. As if that was not enough, the mace of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was brazenly and in dare devil fashion stolen from the hallowed chambers of the senate. It was amazing, and the whole country was just about dismayed by how thieves could easily access the premises of the National Assembly and barge into the Senate to pick up such a sacred instrument of office without any of the legions of security people attempting to stop entry or prevent escape. Even the Harry Houdini grand illusions and daring spectacular escape acts might have been highly impressed by how all this act happened. Why is it that some politicians may want to get desperate? Could it be that they are afraid of the winner take all nature of politics that is evolving in the world. Harry Kariel has written a book titled the desperate politics of post modernism. In it he argues that contemporary culture is increasingly governed by technological and market forces that threaten our ability to control our own destiny. Having entered the postmodern era, many people feel unanchored and uncentered in a world viewed as spiraling blindly toward oblivion. People are scared. Perhaps we should come closer together and reassure one another, that it is not the end of the world to you if I win. This could be a good thing. I am Magnus Kpakol, and thatâs my view.


Posted: Apr 24th, 2018 @ 02:10:14 AM