gvA Update

As Dr. Mutiullah and Professor Wafure have reiterated, desperate politics is bad for society. In desperate politics you can use just about any measure to win an election. It also means that the winner may have to use desperate measures to protect his mandate and if possible retain his seat in any subsequent election. As I have measured in the past politicians facing an election can become desperate for two primary reasons. 1. Possible economic and financial returns and 2. Power and stature in society. And so the time has come for the masses to reject politicians that are driven by these motives. To provide a good experience for the people, we need a society that brings good and justice. In addition to its specific constitutional and legal functions, the Government is generally responsible for seeing that law and order are maintained and that the needs of the public are addressed as far as is practicable. The people, especially in Nigeria and throughout the developing world will have to demand this, and vigorously. Politicians upon election form governments must recognize that their primary duty is to provide public goods and justice in a manner that would erect an enabling environment for the people in their pursuit of a better, improving and sustainable quality of life for a raised level of living. I don't believe that any person under the law should need to use extreme and outrageous measures to win an election for the sake of taking care of the people. Any desperate political measure taken to win an election has to be political witchcraft. And as I have said previously witchcraft is power without authority. So engaging in desperate politics is using power without authority. Witchcraft. And witchcraft can't ever be good for the people. The most effective way to end desperate politics is for the people to be educated and to have jobs so they can freely pick the candidates of their choice. Individual households will have to lead in this and demand, using every appropriate method. Justice must also prevail so that even if desperate politics should win, it can be corrected. I am Magnus Kpakol, and thatâs my view.


Posted: Apr 11th, 2018 @ 02:55:11 AM