gvA Update

Ranking and Review of Global Merchandise Exports Countries and regions that are globally competitive are leaders in merchandise exports and trade in commercial services. In this connection, 1-Which of the following regions has the largest share of world merchandise exports? A) Asia B) Europe C) Middle East and D) North America. 2-Africaâs share of global merchandise exports has declined from 7.3% in 1948 to what value in 2016? A) 2.2% B) 4.5% C) 4.8% D) 6.5%. ANSWERS 1-Europe with 38.4% has the largest share of merchandise exports in the world. However, note that the United States is by far the leading exporter in world trade in commercial services, with a global share of about 20 percent, compared to China in second place with a global share of under 6 percent. 2-Africaâs merchandise exports has declined to 2.2% in 2016, from about 7.3 percent in 1948, as weakness in technological change and productivity has undermined Africaâs competitiveness.


Posted: Mar 21st, 2018 @ 03:19:47 AM