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The Cost of developing political follower-ship. The Staple Singers, Stax songwriters Raymond Jackson, Carl Hampton, and Homer Banks were going to have lunch when inspiration struck. As they were about to go to their favorite lunch spot, the Four Way Grill, in Memphis Tennessee, Jackson called out, "If you're ready, come go with me." Overnight the trio had completed a song based around that phrase. The song became a major hit throughout much of the 1970s. Good leaders have a clear vision of where they want to take their followers. They give the people a clear roadmap of where they are heading and then must inspire them to take the journey. It turns out this can be a costly process. But a real leader must bear the bulk of the cost. To be a leader, you will have to go through personal sacrifices that should transform and prepare you for any heavy lifting ahead. The belief is that the sacrifices and moments of deep introspection and reflection will cause you to have a vision that lets you see farther into the future than most of your followers. And when I talk about a vision and the issue of inspiring people to take the journey, it comes down to being able to articulate a story that people can relate to. If you are ready, come go with me. To get the people ready, you have to cause them to be able to relate to the story and see themselves in it. In addition, they must see how they can make a contribution. That's how you know they are ready. Why some leadership efforts have fail is because the leader uses the inducement of money or the threat of retribution. If it is money, people follow the money, and when it stops being available they also stop being available. If it is about retribution, people follow sycophantically and stop at the first defeat the leader suffers. However, true leadership endures, and supporters are undaunted by setbacks. So the marketplace of true leadership has this distinctive feature. Much of the cost of the journey is borne by the leader while all the benefits accrue to the people, the followers. And then, the wider the range of people that benefit, the greater the leader. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Nov 18th, 2014 @ 02:04:59 AM