gvA Update

How to Green Light Investors Green Light by two highly talented Nigerian singers, the lovely and beautiful DJ and producer, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, professionally known as DJ Cuppy, with international degrees in economics and music business from the UK and the United States and the singer-songwriter, producer, performer and dancer, Augustine Miles Kelechi, popularly known as Tekno. In the hit song Green Light, the young lady does not want to be lonely, she wants someone to hold her, tease her and kiss her. She is green lighting. She is ready and the young man recognizes it and therefore says roll it for me. As an automobile driver, when you see the green light at an intersection, it means you can go. And for you guys, I am sure you also know when you think you have see the green light from the young lady. However, always be sure you saw it well in order to avoid an accident. Now, when investors look at a country they too want to be sure they see a green light. So how do you, as a community or country green light investors, that is, make them come to you. First and foremost you provide adequate security and the rule of law. The regulatory environment would need to be well defined and transparent. And transparency would mean that there is very little corruption. Then, the investor would need to see that there is adequate and sustainable cash flow for business in the targeted sector. So in general, to green light investors and make them come to you, you will ensure you reduce economic risks by having a strong economy with stable finances, minimize political risks by having a hospitable environment and reduce any sovereign risk by making sure the currency is stable. So, on balance the investor can recognize when they are being green lighted by a community or country just like the lady wanting someone to hold her, tease her and kiss her. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Mar 21st, 2018 @ 03:19:16 AM