gvA Update

ICT and Development ICT in a broad sense refers to telecommunications, internet, computer networks and any product that accesses, retrieves, stores, manipulates and transmits information in a digital form. ICT is a major building block for delivering development opportunities in key sectors of an economy from health to education, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, transportation and many others. Digital connectivity (or network) provided by ICT has become an integral part of local trade and the global economy as it offers limitless opportunities for growth as an industry fostering e-commerce, direct job creation, business innovations and competitiveness. In this connection, 1-Which of these countries has the fastest internet connection speed globally? A) Hong Kong, B) Norway, C) South Korea and D) Sweden 2-Which of one of these African countries has the largest percentage of its population owning a smartphone? A) Ghana, B) Kenya, C) Nigeria, and D) South Africa. ANSWERS 1-South Korea is the country with the fastest internet speed in the world. In Africa. 2-South Africa is the country with the largest percent of its population owning smartphones.


Posted: Mar 13th, 2018 @ 02:26:59 AM