gvA Update

Our Hidden Economics for You...Doctors, Soldiers, Blood and Technology. Some time back we did a story on why former soldiers and medical doctors want to be politicians. We said, it appears they both donât fear blood. The field of politics as we have had in Africa is not for the faint hearted. It is not for people who cannot stand the sight of blood. Well, even when you use blood figuratively, politics can cause injury, sometimes even death as we have seen with many Presidents and leaders around the world. And in many games or sport like boxing, people sometimes see blood. As a matter of fact, most politicians refer to their business as "this game of politics". So that blood thing that they are so very familiar with is perhaps what makes Medical doctors and soldiers like politics, a game in which must typically find a way to win. As we know, the soldier must overcome any bloodiness occurs and win the battle. The doctor, must stop the bleeding and heal the patient. But the cost of seeing blood can be too much even for soldiers and doctors. So to reduce this cost, real or psychic, we need technology. I think that soldiers and doctors will find that their job will be less gruesome when they use more technology, especially the latest technology in artificial intelligence and other robotics. Bleeding can be avoided and loses greatly minimized if technolgy is used to engage the enemy, especially in asymmetric warfare involving terrorists and other ragtag insurgents. In some countries, doctors and hospitals are already using the latest technology involving artificial intelligence to reduce the cost of monitoring and treating patients. Nigeria and African nations should work with their doctors and soldiers not just to minimize the cost of reducing bloodshed or hemorrhaging but also for totally preventing the pain and agony of witnessing blood and human loss. Itâs even altogether good economics for our budgets and for society. Itâs time for Africa to get moving. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Mar 13th, 2018 @ 02:24:39 AM