gvA Update

As we discussed last time, African nations are still lacking in significant accumulation of capital which can increase output, and therefore economic growth and increased competitiveness. Unfortunately and because of this serious deficit in capital accumulation and technological advancement Africa continues to lag behind in global competitiveness. Today there are probably millions of Nigerians in Europe and well near 500 thousand in the United States alone. What is more important is that many of these people can market Nigeria and Africa effectively. Fortunately, many of the Western stereotypes associating Africa with death, disease, war and poverty, are being cancelled by the emergence of an affluent African consumer that is connected with the rest of the world, and with a smartphone always in hand. This shift in perception in the west must be engaged by African governments and mostly through the African diaspora. And by the African diaspora I mean the wider, deeper and historic African populations that have lived in the west and especially in America for centuries. Barack Obama. Remember him? This is the time to need him and many people like him. His father was Kenyan. Did we forget this. Many African Americans want to help market Africa. Engage them. Invite them home to Africa and work with them. These are our best ambassadors. They include Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Blair Underwood, and many many more. And never forget the help and support that have come from the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton Obama, Bono and many more. Africa is ready for trade and investment. Even President Donald Trump has indicated readiness for an Africa that is open for business. Let us show that we have started. I am Magnus Kpakol, and that is my view.


Posted: Mar 1st, 2018 @ 01:40:25 AM