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How to Get Foreign Companies Marry Our Own The beautiful and lovely west African songwriters, performers and world class stars, Mzvee of Ghana and Yemi Alade of Nigeria in “come and see my mother”. Well, as they say it, a woman of quality knows what she wants. She will not allow herself to be devalued. As they say in their hit song if you want to tarry me and do what you want then hurry, come, carry your baby go, but first, come and see my mother. You must see my mother. Now guys, why do young ladies want you to come and see their mother? Well, this is why. They don’t want you in any illicit or even illegal trade with them that may not lead to any real investment, in fact that may devalue them. Now, look around the world, countries that are best of friends and have overlapping demand in goods and services have two way trade and investment. The days of just trading alone are gone. Indeed, the days of big power countries just coming to do international contracts in developing countries should also soon be gone. What we need is trade and investment. And mostly investment. With open trade and investment no one is likely to play games or use the other person. When you are an investor, you are a long term stakeholder, and what hurts one party hurts everyone. When you go to see her mother in Ghana, Nigeria or anywhere, you come with all your parents, or their proxies as guarantors and with your credentials to sign on the dotted line. Then trade and investment may take place and you may handle the merchandise for personal and mutual benefits. The cost to society also declines as social gains rise when you genuinely want to invest. In that case, if you are not playing games for quick gain or temporary fun, come, with all your people and guarantors to see her mother. Any cost benefit analysis in this will favor both of you. That’s what is involved in fair trade and investment. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Mar 1st, 2018 @ 01:39:47 AM