gvA Update

Technology and Investment. Technology has proven over time to be a resourceful tool in enhancing economic performance by increasing productivity, access to information and also for creating jobs and ultimately improving the welfare of individuals. Foreign Direct Investment fosters the advancement of an economy through innovation and technological transfers, by improving efficiency and competitiveness in the country. At the heart of these are individuals that are well know global pioneers that have worked to literally transform our way of living. As a result, Most communities are constantly jockeying to position themselves as good destinations for investment. In this connection, 1)-Who among the following is among the founders of Google? A) Jeff Bezos, B) Sergey Brin, C) Jack Dorsey and D) Jan Koum 2)- Which of one of these African cities is rated the highest among the so called African cities of opportunity for international investment. A) Cairo, B) Casablanca, C) Johannesburg, and D) Tunis. ANSWERS 10) - Sergey Brin is one of the two founders of Google, the other being Larry Page. 2) - Casablanca, Moroccoâs largest city tops the list among Africaâs cities of opportunity for international investment. For Nigerians that are wondering, Lagos with its strong financial industry comes in at number 8 ahead of Addis Ababa and Kampala. When Lagos gets its act completely together it will most certainly rank well above the best of them in Africa.


Posted: Mar 1st, 2018 @ 01:39:03 AM