gvA Update

To Build A Nation Or Organization. Nwa baby by the great Nigerian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer, Chinedu Okoli, better known by his stage name Flavour N'abania or simply Flavour. Although prohibited in many countries, prostitution continues to thrive around the world as a major profession. Some people call it the oldest profession. In all consideration, prostitutes are usually very sharp in intelligence and appearance. Many young ladies have turned very successful financially by working as prostitutes. Their clients can come from any income bracket or class and they are usually very gifted in socialization. So let us cut to the chase. Where can we possibly find any similarity between prostitutes and politicians? Let us not look very far. First they are both human beings and driven by the economics of wanting to maximize their happiness. So what makes a prostitute happy? Well, not what you may be thinking. The real reason is drawn from the following. In economics, profit maximization is the short run or long run process by which a firm determines the price and output level that returns the greatest profit. So the prostituteâs profit is what she is looking for. It helps to make her happy. What is the politicianâs profit. In theory it is votes. So the prostitute will not be too selective in securing customers that will pay for the service to raise her income and profit. Likewise, the politician will usually just about do or promise anything just to maximize his or her votes. This makes him or her happy. Some people somehow try to disparage their political opponents who try to secure political space by going from one party to another. Folks, thatâs not what makes a politician look like a prostitute. Instead what makes a politician more like a prostitute is the that the politician will accept a vote from any one. Notice how a politician shakes every hand, dances with everyone and accepts every vote, regardless of political persuasion, just to win. One more thing. What real training do you receive to become a prostitute? Probably none. What real training in politics do you get to become a politician? Probably none. President Trump never worked as a politician or served anywhere in government before he won the presidency of the United States in one try. In both professions what is really needed is merely on-the-job training. In most countries, except in Nigeria, people donât like to be called politicians. Likewise most prostitutes donât like to be called prostitutes. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jan 29th, 2018 @ 04:29:09 AM