gvA Update

The Dangers of Overdosing Samankwe, by the Nigerian singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his stage name Harrysong, and featuring the great Timaya. Give me overdose. Fantastic song but why would you want them to give you and overdose of anything? Now anytime anyone wants an overdose it means there is a normal and regular dose. And if there is a regular dose, then the question is, a regular dose of what and for what? Almost always, a dose of anything is usually for therapeutic measures, that is to cure or relief an ailment or malady. Now therapies are either self prescribed and administered or provided by someone else. Now, the word therapeutic means it has a beneficial effect on the body or mind. People often will overdose in order to speedily escape the reality of pain and suffering. Sometimes the pain and suffering is from the economic violence of no electricity, poor roads and driving conditions, very limited employment opportunities, high rates of corruption and insecurity or generally just poor living conditions. So people may resort to various vices to escape the pain of economic violence. And thatâs why they often will say give me overdose of whatever they see as their therapeutic measures. Also, sometimes, due to rising social and political tensions, or poor policies the macroeconomic environment may change adversely and some people who may not be able to adjust would switch behavior and embrace untoward therapeutic measures. So folks let us all put our hands on deck and see how we can prevent unnecessary overdosing on anything. And so, we can still samankwe, but without the overdosing. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jan 17th, 2018 @ 01:18:24 AM