gvA Update

As we said last time, the so called Libyan slave trade has exposed many problems facing Sub-Saharan Africa. And so we asked, are young people fleeing their countries because they canât find jobs or because they have not tried hard enough? As Ambassador Keshi has said, these people who are slaves in Libya literally walked into a bad situation unimagined by them. Apparently, when you canât pay your way to proceed on your illegal migration, you get sold to a bidder who is driven by motivations typically not in alignment with yours. So what do we do as Ambassador Keshi has also said to channel the energies of these young unfortunate people into more creative activities that can help transform Africa and the World? Well, jobs must be created and hopes must rise among the youth about how they also can be primary actors and in building our economies. Here is something to reflect on. There is a new economy that is emerging across the world and it is causing a great amount of creative destruction. It is killing some old jobs and creating new ones. However the new jobs are mostly in renewable energy, ICT, including computer programming, healthcare, robotics and other things to do with creativity, new technologies and competitiveness. So as it appears, the same macroeconomic environment which is facilitated the growth and development of global winners and businesses is also limiting the ability of people and societies that are not prepared to be competitive. So the global changes which have allowed people, goods and money to move from one country to the other cheaply and easily are also helping to deceive and manipulate gullible who uninformed and unprepared attempt to venture into global market place. Without much resources, they themselves become the resources that are bought and sold. Now listen to this folks, in many cases these days, the differences between rich and poor countries are growing wider, causing citizens of uncompetitive economies to look for solutions elsewhere. And unfortunately some of these are often the best of the rest. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Jan 17th, 2018 @ 01:17:11 AM