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Love Thy Neighbor Economics. Nana Richard Abiona, an English recording artist of Ghanaian descent better known by his stage name Fuse ODG in his hit song Boa me, featuring Ed Sheeran and Mugeez. Boa me meaning help me in Twi. We will cause little trouble across the world if we would love our neighbors as ourselves. So what is in the economics of loving and helping your neighbor? Throughout the world, everyone loves justice. Therefore it is good if we multiply justice. Now justice is best multiplied when we love our neighbors. Folks a neighbor is not just the man in need of help. The parable of the Good Samaritan tells it all. The most unlikely person is who offers help to the traveler that was beaten, stripped and robbed. So what this means is any human being you come across is your neighbor. In life, resources are limited and people should look to use them efficiently and productively. Think about this, is it good to help a rich person? The fact is that most people would rather help a rich person only when they believe the rich person will in turn pay them back. But unfortunately this type of investment is limited in its potential for gain. Economics is now more and more concerned with behavior. Thatâs why behavioral economists are becoming very popular. Richard Thaler, the University of Chicago behavioral economist recently won the Nobel prize in economics for his theory on nudging. Imagine helping someone you donât know and without really expecting anything back, and then the person turns out to be a billionaire. Because the risk of no return was high, the actual return is likely to be extremely high. Spectacular rewards typically follow high risks. Help your poor neighbor as best as you can, and the reward, physical or psychic is always going to be enormous. The feeling of satisfaction, that is the psychic gain, is typically greater for the soul than one can imagine, as loving and helping your neighbor promotes peace and prosperity about you. Do this whether you be a person, a community or a nation. As Fuse ODG says, help people see when they have been blind. Help them seek so they can find. Create happiness on a rainy day. Just love thy neighbor. It is good economics. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Dec 13th, 2017 @ 01:20:31 AM