gvA Update

The so called Libyan slave trade has exposed many problems facing Subsaharan Africa. Are young people fleeing their countries because they canât find jobs or because they have not tried hard enough? Why would thousands of people imperil their own lives over an uncertain future in a foreign land? I believe something is wrong and we must determine what it is. I think Nigeria is making progress but the progress is certainly not fast enough. In addition, leadership across the board, that is from our churches and mosques to our communities, municipalities, states and central governments must see this situation to mean that creativity in leadership is needed to handle an increasingly more dynamic world. Libya is a troubled nation with apparently two competing governments and several enclaves ruled by warlords who are desperate for financial resources to maintain their regimes. It is easy to imagine that persons being trafficked through Libya could never have known in advance the horrors they could face. Well now they know. Now we all know, because CNN and other foreign media have told us. Most Nigerians also now know that the pace of job creation is well behind the youth population growth rate. We also know that it pays better to be an entrepreneur than to work for some one. However, there are huge challenges in the way of starting and running a business. Here is one. Interest rates are too high. We need to talk about this to see how our markets can be supported to achieve moderating interest rates. It is impossible for Nigerian businesses to be globally competitive the way things are with interest rates. Fortunately, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is doing something in agriculture, using its anchor borrowers program. All the governments need to be more attentive. These people that are captured in Libya certainly feel they have been sold down the river, too far. One other thing, very soon campaign buses will be seen driving our roads. I would like to hope that things will change for sure this time. Politics should be about how best to help the people to be globally competitive in education and business. Let us not throw the people under our campaign buses. Let us get them on board. That would be a good thing. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Dec 13th, 2017 @ 01:19:43 AM