gvA Update

Public debate about economic development can sometimes be unproductive, often dragged through the muck of politics. Even so, real ideas exist about how poverty eradication goals of economic development-to move people "into the economic mainstreamâ can actually be achieved. The Chinese example where they have been able to lift a whopping near 800 million people out of poverty in just 30 years is showing that a wheel alignment between business and development interests is what is needed for inclusive prosperity. This means that what people call inclusive Economic Growth will occur when masses of poor people become more economically productive and enter the middle class. This expansion of the economy will result in the production of new goods and services and market development. A fundamental goal of economic development must be to create an environment for competitiveness that brings a more productive, efficient, and high-growth economy. And so in the end economic growth occurs by accumulating capital and other factors of production and by including underutilized people and their assets. These things never happen by themselves, especially in developing countries. The role of the government is paramount. The government will not only create an enabling environment that strengthens markets. It will also provide non market goods like national security, peace and unity. Now, how about this? The Zimbabwean army has just shown the whole world that Africa continues to be a place to learn new things. What the army did in assuring peace and development In Zimbabwe will be studied by scholars, policy makers and all for generations to come. Kudos to you. You showed discipline, patriotism and commitment. Sudden commanded leadership change and no unconstitutionality. Africa is rising. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Dec 5th, 2017 @ 04:09:06 AM