gvA Update

Ranking National Passports The Passport Index ranks passports worldwide based on a "total visa-free score," which assigns passports a point for each country their holders can visit without a visa, with a visa on arrival or by using electronic travel authorization. The best passport to have is based on the freedom it provides, using the number of countries that can be visited with ease. In this connection, 1-Which of the following countries is number one in the world using the Passport Index? A) Germany, B) Singapore, C) United Kingdom and D) United States of America. 2-Which of the following countries ranks among the top four in Africa, using the passport power ranking? A) Botswana, B) Ghana, C) Kenya and D) Nigeria. Stay with us for our answers coming up shortly. ANSWER 1-Singapore is the country that ranks the highest in the world in passport power ranking. 2-In Africa, Botswana is the country listed here that ranks among the top 4 countries according to passport index.


Posted: Oct 31st, 2017 @ 03:43:07 AM