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Our Hidden Economics for You...To Love Your Nation. Now, do you love your Country? Can your country be your darling? Now for your country to be your darling, your Country must mean something important to you. Within Nigeria people have seemed to look to their ethnicity and even religion instead of to the nation for identity. But even so, Nigerians when outside the country are very loud in announcing that they are Nigerians. Why are people seemingly conflicted? I think that outside the country, the Nigerian does not in that environment and situation expect much from the nation. In that circumstance Nigerians feel they are virtually on their own, but at least have a home they can always go back to in Nigeria. And so, Nigeria psychologically becomes very important to them. So where should be beam our flash light? Where is the concern? I think the concern is the situation where when in Nigeria, people look to their ethnicity or religion first. Now, in terms of material and physical support, the nation should have a lot more to offer than ethnicity or even religion. So why the dissonance. I submit that it is in your self interest to love your country. If you love Your Nation, your nation will love you back. One of the biggest ways to have your country love you is by you personally voting and convincing others also to vote for your candidate to win that position of leadership. The leader you choose is who will direct the resources of the country in a manner that shows you love. So, letâs ensure we get the leadership that will allocate our resources equitably and efficiently, and with compassion. Thatâs love to the people. Now always and everywhere, most people will love a country that loves them. So folks, get ready and across the board, vote for the leadership that will cause you to look to your country and say, my darling. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Oct 26th, 2017 @ 09:31:33 AM