gvA Update

So as we have asked, why do kids love their parents? Why do parents love their kids? And of course why do adults love each other? If we can answer these questions we will know why people can and should love their country. The great Tina Turner has already asked what has love got to do with it. So what would an Economist want to do with love and nation building. Typically economists stay away from love, not understanding how to analyze it empirically. But as we recently seen with the recent Nobel prize award in economics, economists are beginning to look more and more at social life and behavior, the so-called behavior economists. Richard Thaler, professor of behavioral sciences and economics at the University of Chicago in the USA has just won the 2017 Nobel prize in economics. Thaler brought to prominence the idea of "nudge" economics, where humans are subtly guided toward beneficial behaviors without significant compulsion. So now, Richard Thaler's contributions have built a bridge between the economic and psychological analyses of individual decision-making. Now be careful, sometimes people just say, I love you but they really donât. Love must involve sacrifice. That is, sacrifice from the person showing the love. If the person showing the love backs off at the sign of trouble, there was probably not any love in the first place. It must have been something else. But truth be told, unconditional love is practically supernatural and deeply spiritual. Most types of love are obtained I would say by nudging, to borrow a little from professor Thaler. Why nudge someone? Well, to get them to do something that might benefit you. But also it must be beneficial in all its ramifications to the person that is nudged. When there is love, the person that is loved should suffer no direct present or future pain from the love. That is, there must be no hidden present or future cost to the person that said to be loved. So, to love your country or Nation is to help it to become much better and indeed to also in turn be able to visibly love you back. People who can do this, are putting their Nation first. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Oct 26th, 2017 @ 09:28:03 AM