gvA Update

Hard Work and the God Factor Economists along with many others believe that hard work pays off. There are many examples of entrepreneurs, business people and athletes who have clearly become very successful by working hard. Some of the best players in soccer, basket ball, boxing, American football and others are known to spend long hours practicing. It is believed the long hours spent in the gym or on the practice field is the reason they are the best at what they do. The reason this happens, is that the more you repeat a routine, the more natural it becomes to you, regardless of how initially difficult the routine was. Constantly doing something and successfully too, causes your muscles, your intellect and all your system to get used to the activity and therefore to gain mastery over it. Try going to run 5 miles every six months versus doing it every day. Which makes it easier to do? Now hard work produces success, but it can even become astounding with the God factor. Some people somehow also have something extra, that can happen independent of their effort. So folks, work hard, of course, but remember there is the God factor. Some people call it luck. It is the thing that controls an environment in order for nothing to go wrong. Just call it the God factor, because thatâs what it is. You know what economists call it? They call it ceteris paribus - all things being equal. Now is it you that will make all things equal? Nope. So there you have it. Hard work and the God Factor to make your wishes come through. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Oct 17th, 2017 @ 08:47:19 AM