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It Takes Your Best To Win Sidney Onoriode Esiri, a Nigerian singer-songwriter and dentist, popularly known as Dr. Sid with his hit song, the Best. Have you ever wondered why some organizations, communities or even countries do better than others? Well, they may be one simple reason the ones that deploy their best will more likely win. For any sporting team, selecting the best players will more likely bring you victory more often than not. Now let us look at democracy, politics and the economy. How do you build a strong political economy? Quite often people just expect the best from their leaders. Folks this is like playing the Russian roulette, a very dangerous game of chance. In a democratic system, you must have a few more steps before you get to believing the leader will do his or her best. There are ostensibly three stages to observe. First, you invest in your people to be at their best in education and understanding of the issues of the day. Second, the people will ensure that they choose the best among themselves to be their representatives in the democratic arrangement, and follow up by holding their feet to the fire, by maintaining personal, social, political, or legal pressure on them in order to hold them accountable for their actions. This done, the representatives may be expected to be at their best. But there is a third stage for bringing ou the best. These would involve a set of incentives and sanctions that cause the leader or leaders to understand that the people are watching and that in fact the whole world is taking note. History is being recorded. This along with the impetus and momentum from the previous stages is what will want him to provide the people with the best. He will want to give us double, bring change and change our level. He will indeed be the best. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Oct 3rd, 2017 @ 03:34:21 AM