gvA Update

Last time, I suggested that what we need is reconstruction, since it appears the word restructuring scares some people. Reconstruction assumes that some structures, relationships and processes may have been damaged. Now if we need reconstruction, we will define the design we wish to achieve. However, all this may take a period of time, but some structural designs can be accomplished without much time and cost. For example, through a national conference or amendments to the constitution, we can achieve a more appealing federal structure. We could in that achieve more political balance where imbalances now exist. For example more balance could come in the number of local governments, given the population and geographic size of a state. A better system of power devolution could also be achieved for state and local governments viz-a-viz the federal government in terms of items that are on the exclusive or concurrent legislative lists. With this, perhaps more resources may then be situated much closer to where the people are located. With more resources available, community policing and better human resource training and development could then be easier to access for people in local and rural communities across the country. And this should help spur the nationâs overall economic competitiveness. Therefore to be direct, what we want to achieve from reconstruction is a more agile, stronger and more economically competitive Nigeria where the people and their communities have equitable access to resources that will make them more economically and therefore globally competitive. As we all know, for state and local governments to be more resilient what they need is the capacity to create an environment for building industries and creating jobs. In the final analysis any reconstruction must provide mechanisms that encourage state and local governments to be able to, on their own, promote education and provide roads and other infrastructure. With this, our communities will be competitive in producing tradable goods and services based on local natural or acquired endowments. Let us reconstruct to achieve this. It will be a good thing. I am Magnus Kpakol, and that is my view.


Posted: Oct 3rd, 2017 @ 03:33:52 AM