gvA Update

To Build A Nation Or Organization. The great Nigerian brothers duo P Square, in one of their many hit songs, E no easy. You can say that again. Nothing good comes easy. However, with knowledge, wisdom, perseverance and grit, you can do it. In the song E no easy, P Square talks about how you should never give up, but keep trying and your day will come by the grace of God. According to Scott Adamâs blog, one of the magical things about economics is that you can create an economic asset out of nothing by just using persuasion. For example, if you persuade people to be more optimistic about the economy, people invest more money, buy more products, create more jobs, and generally manifest the better economy from their own expectations. The blog goes on to say that the magic of creating wealth from nothing but persuasion is one of the reasons President Trump is different from other presidents. He knows how to do this particular brand of economic magic. For governments or leaders trying to build a young nation or organization, you have to be persuasive. You must create for your people a dream for them to experience. You must show them why a strong and united nation or thriving organization is good for them, individually or collectively. Most people are persuaded to do something when they see how they personally benefit from it. As if to negate this logic, most people often cite the famous quote of John F. Kennedy when he said to ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do fir your country. But note that even in this, President Kennedy wanted you to take delight in what you can do for your country. Imagine the joy, prestige and honor you get from every one knowing that you did this for your country. You want people to know that you did this great thing that wasn't easy to do. Economics is about making choices, and evaluating the costs and benefits of the choices. You have high productivity if with little effort you achieve that which was difficult to achieve. Big output from little effort equals high productivity. E no easy, but you too can do it. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Sep 27th, 2017 @ 05:52:32 AM