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Our Hidden Economics for You...Attractive Economies Win Chinedu Okoli, the great Nigerian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer, popularly known as Flavour, in his hit song Baby Na Yoka. So everyone is drooling after this girl. She is so attractive, She is the African flamingo, Electric fire baby. Anywhere she enter baby dey cause Kasala. Every one knows that attractive people draw attention. This is why people who want to be in show business make sure they are very attractive in one way or the other. And the attractiveness has to be competitive. Now bear in mind that attractiveness alone does not cause you to win. Even in a beauty pageant you have to do more than just being attractive. You also have to show verbal skills and a good intelligence quotient, that is IQ. So folks if you are running a business, organization, community or country, you have to make sure it is attractive. Let's take a country as an example. Globally, all countries or economies are in competition. They are trying to attract a finite pool of resources. So, the owners of resources will look for and be drawn by the most attractive economies. Everyone wants to go to the best looking places in the world. But guess what, even these places must give people the best experience. That's why to be regarded as a good place for business or as a livable city or country, the place must be free of much bureaucracy, corruption, violence and pollution. That means the place would have efficient markets and would produce or provide the goods and services people want. This all means that the place would also provide a good quality of life in jobs and relatively low prices. But to top it up, the place must be beautiful and attractive, to promote a good economic experience for you. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Sep 19th, 2017 @ 03:54:06 AM