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Basic Economics of Love I fit die on top your matter, the great Nigerian artist Whiz Kid couldn't put it any better. So, is the price of love unquantifiable? Apparently, Whiz Kid in this song has determined that he is ready to pay the ultimate price for the one he loves. It turns out that in reality it is hard to put a price on love. What people are really paying for is not the love itself, but the opportunity to express love. After all, if you love someone, that is, if you are supplying the love, you are not paying to supply it to the person. And you most definitely cannot pay some one and expect that the person will give you a specific quantity of love. The equilibrium price in the demand and supply of love is obviously indeterminate. This means that a market of demand and supply cannot determine a price for love. Real love carries a lot of sacrifice. In the Holy Bible it says that God so loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son to die for it. So it appears God paid Himself ( well, because there is no one else for him to pay) a high price for the purpose of expressing His love to mankind. When you marry some one, particularly in Africa, you often pay a bride price to the parents of the girl as a token that allows you to publicly and legally express your love to the lady. Guys, it is NOT a price you pay in order to get the lady's love. It is a token price you pay so you can express your love to the girl. So love, it turns out is not something you buy, what you may buy is the opportunity to express love. Love without the readiness to pay a high price is really not love. That's why love has to be unconditional. You love some one or your country not because of what they have done for you but because of what you want to do for them. So Whiz Kid is ready to die on top your matter to show that he will pay anything for the opportunity to express his love to you. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Oct 27th, 2014 @ 08:25:01 AM