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OUR HIDDEN ECONOMICS FOR YOU...How Electricity Can Fire Up the Economy like Love. Fire, by the incredible Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz and the lovely and great Tiwa Savage of Nigeria. When love is on it is like fire. It gets good things said. And it gets things done. Love can provide incredible electricity and energy. If you think of the sun, it has so much love with all that fire. It is the supernatural love of the sun that keeps literally every living thing on earth alive. And the sun never tires. Love is patient and steadfast. And so the sun just keeps on showing love for ever. As we now see, we can get all the energy we need to power the world several times over from the fire of the love of the sun. To a nation, electricity is like the fire of the sun. No country in this age can survive without it. When you check, you will see that all the advanced economies of the world have energy sufficiency and something very close to it. They have all known that that's how you really show love. There is a clear positive correlation between electricity output and economic growth and development. Conversely there is also a positive correlation between economic violence and poor access to electricity. As we have said before, African governments and their international partners will have to accelerate any transformation in the provision of energy and electric power if we are to reduce the violence of energy poverty on the poor. One of the greatest things a government can do to show love is to provide electricity. People get to stay up later producing goods and services for improving their livelihood. Companies will also create more shifts and thereby create more jobs. And what is more is that renewable energy is cleaner and safer and produces very little bad side effects like noise and fumes. And it's love is even more steadfast. It rarely breaks down. The economics of all this is that id we want to show more love to the people we should use more renewable energy. It is straight from nature, with unlimited abundance and so with such supply availability it is cheaper, never minding any changes in quantity demanded or changes in demand. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Aug 1st, 2017 @ 03:47:09 AM