gvA Update

Last time we stated that in according to the African Development Bank, in any given hour the entire installed generation capacity of the 48 Sub-Saharan African countries is just 68 gigawatts, just about equivalent to that of Spain alone. And as much as one-quarter of this capacity is unavailable because of aging plants and poor maintenance. We stated that It is clear therefore that current approaches, involving dependence on fossil fuels for adequate electricity may never work as a rule across Africa. Even so, we argued that nations and communities that are well endowed with fossil fuels may however still find it cheaper to continue to lean on it. Therefore, what are countries least endowed with fossil fuels in Africa doing. From the evidence discussed in our quick view, renewable energy production and consumption is relatively poor in Africa compared to other parts of the world. Indeed, it represents a low percentage of total energy production in Africa as a whole. Even so, some countries like Mozambique have a much higher percentage generation than others. Mozambique has about 99% renewable energy as a ratio of the countryâs total electricity production. Egypt in second place in Africa in terms of total energy production has renewable energy as only 9.48% of this total. Although Ghana is in third place with renewable energy at 68.26% of total energy generation, it's total renewable energy production is only about 7,990 GWH, compared to 14,721Gwh in Egypt and 14,994GWH in Mozambique. Now let's consider access to electricity as it plays a critical role in investment decisions and therefore in capital accumulation which an economy needs to grow and develop. Sadly in a recent World Bank Ease of doing business report showing the âgetting electricityâ indicator, Africa performed relatively poorly, with 38 African countries ranked outside of the top 100, with only 13 countries managing to rank inside the top 100. In fact, for this indicator South Africa and Nigeria ranked abysmally at numbers 150 and 185 respectively. My goodness. As would be expected the best performing countries in Africa are Mauritius (48th), Rwanda (53rd) and Tunisia (55th). I don't have much confidence that Africa will succeed with big structures, like grids. Remember we have done well with cell phones than with land lines that require much infrastructure and constructive. In the final analysis, let us pay more attention to single unit off grid renewable energy platforms. I think ultimately we can succeed with that one. I am Magnus Kpakol, and that's my view.


Posted: Aug 1st, 2017 @ 03:37:31 AM