gvA Update

A Culture of Failure or a Failure of Culture? Mr. President by Chinagorom Onuaha better known as African China. So Mr. President lead us well. And let the Senators as it were senate well. Ok police, you too, police well. So it's all about doing the right thing to raise the level of living. That's what it's all about. So that's what our culture should also be about. We want a culture that promotes and rewards creativity, innovation and hard work. So all said, what is culture? By laymanâs definition, culture is the beliefs, customs, ethos and way of life of a particular society or group. Consequently, no nation should permit mediocrity, laziness, stealing, bribery, corruption, poor courtesy, poor electric supply, roughness and aggressiveness to be its way of life. Historically, Africans were very hard working people and still are when viewed or engaged in their natural state and tendencies. So what happened? I think what happened is that for the most part, African culture has been decimated or corrupted through an inappropriate mixing of foreign cultures that are not by themselves bad. The inability to rationalize and incorporate very desirable aspects of foreign culture has been the main problem. Sources of foreign culture have included slavery, colonialism, global social trends and even religion. We can still use what we have learned from these to build a dynamic culture upon which to run our economies. That's what the Western world has done. For any people, when your culture fails you may well find yourself developing a culture of failure if you are not able to restructure, reposition, and rebuild your own society with your own defined set of values that follow the rule of law and which is acceptable by all your people. Folks, a culture of failure may already be upon you if your people begin to belief in earning their incomes in miraculous ways or through short-cuts. If you want to succeed build a culture that promotes and rewards creativity, innovation and legitimate hard work and which on the other hand penalizes laziness and short-cuts to wealth. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jul 26th, 2017 @ 02:14:31 AM