gvA Update

Can the relatively slow pace of economic growth and underdevelopment of the African Continent, compared to Asian countries be traced to any degradation and even loss of African values and perhaps morals? Nowadays people speak of poor governance when they want to discuss corruption. The fact of the matter is that a fast pace of development cannot occur anywhere if good governance is absent. Now, who drives good governance. To me good governance is not a thing that simply arises from having a good leader. Good governance is product of the people. It is then demanded by the people. A leader, good or bad comes from the population stock. In a true democracy, the people demand and achieve good leadership through the ballot box. When free and fair elections take place, the people would have produced their own leader and receive whatever they voted for and expected. If the leadership in such a situation is bad, then in theory the people were unable to find a good person from among themselves. In such a situation it would behoove them to go back to the drawing board and find out why their society has produced as it were an unacceptable leader. The people of any society want a good quality of life and the therefore the pursuit of happiness. If quality the quality of life in any society is not rapidly improving, compared to similar societies, then a fundamental failure of leadership selection is taken place. It is not possible to excise good moral standing and character from good leadership. Without good leadership, no developing country can easily escape the trap of underdevelopment. Today African countries populate the lower rungs of the ladder when using just about any economic indicator to measure underdevelopment. Indeed, sadly, of the bottom 30 countries ranked on the human development index scale of the United Nations more than 20 are African nations. Folks, however, they emerged, African leaders must stand up now. They cannot continue to permit a situation where Africa has to be used to represent a pitiful people. Africa cannot continue to dramatize a shameful condition for the world to see. Africa cannot permit this when it is so well endowed. It is left us to do something. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Jul 19th, 2017 @ 03:48:55 AM