gvA Update

The Violence of energy poverty. Techno in his hit son, RARA. The noise of generators is a violence on the people. Darkness promotes violence from armed robbery, withcraft, cultism and other social pestilences. Light is more powerful than darkness and always wins over darkness. It drives away darkness and many of its agents. African governments and their international partners will have to accelerate any transformation in the provision of energy and electric power if we are to reduce the violence of energy poverty on the poor. we are to achieve our collective ambitions. Access to clean modern energy, in Africa, where 620 million people have no electricity, is critical to the success of any efforts to tackle poverty and its violence. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted recently at the United Nations embrace the need for economic development that leaves no one behind, and which in its seventh goal acknowledges the importance of âaffordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for allâ. Energy is one of the most critical tools for tackling poverty. It can help us in all the various dimensions of the malady. When people have access to electricity they can charge their phones and not have to undertake road or foot errands that could be solved by a phone call. Electricity in rural hospitals can also help eliminate avoidable child deaths and even reduce mosquito bites and many more. By lacking access to clean energy sources, over half of Africaâs population is forced to resort to biomass, such as firewood and charcoal â an option that is economically inefficient and environmentally devastating to their health. Africaâs poorest people are paying among the worldâs highest prices for energy. The violence of energy poverty high and may be rising. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jul 11th, 2017 @ 03:10:36 AM