gvA Update

Ranking Countries by Political fragility. In 2016 , total world oil production averaged well over 80,000,000 barrels per day, with about 44% coming from OPEC members. Should Nigeria continue in OPEC and be limited by how much crude oil it can produce, assuming it improves it capacity to produce much more. And why shouldn't it, given its pressing need for more foreign currency and the uncertain future facing crude oil. In this connection, 1-In liters per year, which of the following major crude oil producers has the highest production per capita in the world? 1. Iraq 2. Kuwait 3. Saudi Arabia and 4. UAE. 2-Which of the following Africa countries has the highest crude oil production per capita, in liters per year? 1. Algeria, 2. Angola, 3. Libya and 4. Nigeria. ANSWERS 1-Kuwait with a per capita production of 22,860 liters per year is the top oil producer with the highest crude oil production per capita. 2-Libya is the African country with the highest per capita crude oil production. Nigeriaâs relatively paltry per capita output of about 800 liters per year, requires a serious conversation if the nationâs dependence on the oil market is not about to end


Posted: Jun 28th, 2017 @ 02:04:29 AM