gvA Update

Let's Let it Breathe Breathe by Blu Cantrell featuring the extraordinary Sean Paul. As Blu Cantrell says, you say you love me but you are never there for me. You will be crying and slowly dying when I decide to leave. When love hurts it won't work, because all we do is to make up and break up. Recently, Nigeria has gotten thrown into a cauldron of agitations practically based on ethnic and regional sentiments. No one should pretend that these agitations cannot careen out of hand because they can. So the first thing that should happen is for everyone to breathe. That is, everyone should stop. Yes, just stop. The young guys who are spearheading some of these agitations should be asked by their mentors and leaders to just stop. As marriage experts say, if you want your marriage to succeed, it would pay to know why other marriages fail. So if you want your nation to stay united, it would pay to learn why other nations failed. In a marriage that failed, what really went wrong? People often say that marriages fail for a lack of communication. Superficially, that may be true, but what's really true is that marriages fail because they fail to discuss the important things. The communication they have does not cover the things that actually bind them together. And so it is folks, if you want national unity, it will be good for the various tribes, ethnicities, religions and regions to discuss the real things that matter. If you don't, you may very likely look like the other nations that also did not discuss the deep issues early. And please don't just say this is not our portion. Let's do something about it. Let us discuss all the deep issues that are threatening national unity. Let us do that now. But first, end all provocative statements. Let us back off a minute. Lets let it breathe. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jun 20th, 2017 @ 07:18:22 AM