gvA Update

As I have said before, tribal or ethnic disharmony is perhaps the single most prohibiting factor for economic growth and development in most developing countries. And this can lead to full blown state fragility which is often reflected in severe economic dcline and massive displacement of populations, with attendant humanitarian emergencies. So to be precise, what causes fragility? As an economist let me give this as a quick and easy reason. State fragility is typically caused by visible and significantly uneven economic development along group lines. And this condition is often a result of skewed political and institutional arrangements that are sponsored for personal gains but masqueraded ostensibly for sectional or regional profit. In Nigeria, we have seen some elite elder States men seemingly endorsing provocations by the youth. The truth is that a national conflagration will consume the wealth of the elites; and the leadership among the youth knows this. Unfortunately it is the masses and the rank and file of the youth that are often the first to be destroyed in a national catastrophe. This is then followed by the wealth of the rich and the elites. The leadership of the youth may perversely achieve an initial profit and this is often the driving force that goads them. The country must therefore and immediately come to the rescue of any national unity that the country has. A team divided cannot win. It is therefore impossible to achieve national economic competitiveness and progress without unity. But as I have asked in the past, does national unity bring faster economic development or does faster economic development produce more national unity? Sometimes it is hard to determine causality or sequence. To attempt to address this type of question, certain elements must be laid out. Possible questions include the following : How educated are the average citizens? Are there adequate road and rail infrastructure that connect the masses? Do the various communities produce tradable goods and services based on their natural or acquired endowments? Nations that cannot produce goods and services to trade internally will manifest political vulnerabilities. So, let us examine these issues carefully and then realize we need to right away, first back off from verbal hostilities that are already overheating the polity. So let us let it breathe. That done we should begin to have deep conversations on the critical matters that face the nation and with the aim of achieving lasting solutions. This would be a good thing. I am Magnus Kpakol, and that is my view.


Posted: Jun 20th, 2017 @ 07:17:22 AM