gvA Update

Women Need to be Strong Strong girl, a beautiful and powerful song produced by Godfather Productions for One.Org. When women talk about being strong, what are they talking about? Are they talking about physical strength? emotional strength? economic strength or say, political strength. Okay, let us talk first about physical strength. Most personal trainers, suggest that women should be strong because contrary to some notions, women are actually capable of great physical strength. Too often, women limit themselves by thinking strength training is for men, or that it will make them look like men. Trainers indeed suggest that women need to realize that when they focus on being physically strong first, they will achieve so much more, including flat stomachs, this is trainers talking now, not me, good looking legs and others. A trainer once asked, why not be able to lift and move things that need to be moved, instead of having to wait for a man to assist you? So, hey ladies. Don't fear bulking, it won't happen. That's what the trainers say. You will just be good looking. To be emotionally strong means you are emotionally resilient. That means you may feel emotional pain but you have learned how not to overact by it. In other words you must have emotional regulation and know how to deal with past experiences that may impact present or future social behavior. Women, as well as men, must learn how to be emotionally strong in order to be socially competitive. On economic and political terms, women to be strong, are acquiring skills and preparedness like their male counterparts. Women like men demand economic and political goods and services. In simple economics, demand is a relation expressing the amounts of a commodity that buyers would be willing and able to purchase at various prices during a given period of time, all things being equal. So for women to get political and economic commodities like men, they must have the not just the willingness, but also in equivalent fashion, the ability, which means they must be strong in skills, readiness and determination to succeed. Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: Jun 13th, 2017 @ 09:29:30 AM