gvA Update

The issue of the restructuring of the Nigerian political system has essentially been around since the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates. The call for restructuring has probably intensified because of frustration over the state of the economy, especially exacerbated by the ongoing recession. Another reason could be that people have become more aware of their right to economic freedom and the need to restrain state powers that limit some property rights and especially when such potential property consists of precious minerals that can bring game changing amounts of revenue to individuals and communities. Perceived corruption, nepotism and incompetence can also invoke agitation for restructuring, as the people can lose faith in the ability of the leadership to manage their resources for them. If these things happen in the presence of rising youth unemployment, it would be time to come together quickly to address the issues with sustainable solutions. Shortsighted and politically expedient tactics will almost certainly prove disastrous in the end. No sane person should want Nigeria to fracture, especially when remedies are possible. As I have said before, two things are very important for national unity. These are education and roads. By roads I mean primarily interstate highways. Of course I am assuming the existence of basic things like the rule of law and security. Please bear in mind that I have got just a couple of tv minutes to evaluate a monumental issue here. There is certainly a lot more one has to say in analyses and prescriptions here. The people, all of the people must be sensitized on the importance to all of us of building a untied and strong Nigeria. Unity and strength won't and can't happen through force. It is a fantasy to think so. The people must come together to discuss how to make Nigeria great and thereby raise their own quality of life. And as I have already said, if we control corruption, promote economic freedoms, end nepotism and enshrine the rule of law upon good devolution of powers to the state and local levels, we may not need to restructure much in creating any new or different federating units. I am Magnus Kpakol and that's my view.


Posted: Jun 7th, 2017 @ 04:42:16 AM