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To Be Together The great and inimitable late Michael Jackson in the song Will you be there? When I need you will you be there. Almost everyone wants a good relationship, but will you be there when it really counts? For a relationship to work, you both have to be there for each other. If it is clearly one sided it won't work. It is by no means inexpensive to be together with someone. Even if you are forcing another person to be with you, it costs a lot to prevent escape. Every relationship is costly. And this is where psychic benefits and even psychic costs come in. Some people enjoy their investment in a relationship more because they are delighted in investing in the person or organization. The delight is a huge psychic benefit you get in addition to any physical or material gain you acquire and makes you to want to invest more. In a country of diverse ethnicity or religion, to stay together would require a great amount of work from every citizen. But if this is to happen, the citizens would have to be frequently sensitized as to why they need to stay together. No one will continue with you if they get feel that they are getting the short end if the stick. There must be a clear level playing field. You will eventually fail if you intend to continue to win at the expense of the other parties or party. Sooner or later they will design a method to turn the table. The other very important considering in a relationship is whether you have my back covered. Can I trust you? Can I depend on you fighting for me when I am in trouble, either through my personal failure or when an external adversary is trying to get the better of me. Will you be there? Good relationships bring happiness and progress for all. Bad relationships favor one side and it will sooner or later collapse. So folks if you value your relationship with someone or other people, you will do well to invest in them with joy and happiness. It cannot be done grudgingly. Of course let's face it. The economics in it is vital. It must be mutually beneficial, else it won't work for long. As Michael Jackson asks, will you be there? Our hidden economics for you.


Posted: May 30th, 2017 @ 03:04:53 AM